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1. Community Based Resource Management Project
2. Second Urban Governance and Infrastructure Improvement (Sector) Project (UGIIP-II)
3. Second Rural Infrastructure Improvement Project (RIIP-II)
5. Construction/Re-construction of Roads, Bridges/ Culverts in Upazila/ Union Roads (Transfered from Roads & Hoghways)
6. The Project for Provision of Portable Steel Bridges on Upazila and Union Roads.
7. Rural Infrastructure Development (Public Priority Rural Communication & Rural Market Development & Rehabilitation) Project : Part-II
8. Market Infrastructure Development Project in Charland Regions (MIDPCR)
9. Rural Road & Market Access Infrastructure Development Project (componenet-3) of Agricultural Sector Programme Support(ASPS-II) (1st Revised)
10. Greater Rajshahi Division Integrated Rural Development Project (Rajshahi, Natore, Naogaon & Chapi Nawabgonj District) (1st Revised)”
11. Project for Improvement of Rural Road & Hat-Bazars Infrastructure on Priority Basis.
13. Union Road & Other Infrastructure Development Project: Dhaka, Narayangonj, Munshigonj, Gazipur, Narshingdi & Manikgonj District
14. Rural Infrastructure Development (Khulna, Bagerhat & Satkhira District.) Project.
15. Union Road and other Infrastructure Improvement Project (Greater Bogra, Rajshahi and Pabna District)
16. Rural Roads and Market Improvement Project: Greater Sylhet District
17. Union Parishad Connecting Roads Improvement Project: Patuakhali & Barguna Districts. (Phase- II) (1st Revised)
18. Greater Noakhali Rural Infrastructure Development Project-1st Revised
19. Union Connecting Road & Other Infrastructure Development Project: Greater Comilla District ( Comilla, Chandpur & Brammanbaria District) (1st Revised)
20. Emergency 2007 Cyclone Recovery and Restoration Project (ECRRP)(LGED-Part)
21. Rural Infrastructure Development Project : Chittagong Hill Tracts
22. Construction of Union Connecting Road and Infrastructure Development Project: Greater Mymensingh (Mymensingh, Tangail, Jamalpur, Sherpur, Kishorganj & Netrokona District)
23. Greater Faridpur Rural Infastructure Development Project
24. Greater Barisal Districts Communication & Hat-Bazar Infrastructure Development Project District (Barisal, Pirojpur, Bhola & Jhalokati District))
25. Improvement of Approach roads for Bridge/Culverts Project.
26. Improvement of Rural Roads, Bridge/Culvert & other Infrastructure of Backward Upazilas (Pabna, Sirajganj, Natore, Naogaon, Rajshahi, Nawabgonj & Bogra Districts) of Northern-Western Region.
27. Development of Union Connecting Road & Infrastructure: Grater Chittagong (Chittagong & Cox’sbazar District)
28. Construction of Large Bridge on Upazila and Union Roads
29. South-Western Bangladesh Rural Development Project
30. Union Infrastructure Development (Khulna, Bagerhat & Satkhira District.) Project
31. Greater Rangpur and Dinajpur District Rural Communication & other Infrastructure Improvement Project.
32. Greater Comilla Rural Infrastructure Development Project.
33. Greater Faridpur Rural Infrastructure Development Project(Phase-II)
34. Improvement of Singra-Baruhas-Tarash Rd under Singra Upazila of Natore District by BC and Submergible Section.
35. Improvement of Mohonpur UP office-Kaliakor hat road & Goyhatta GC-Noagaon via Binayekpur Road Under Ullapara Upazila of Serajgonj District by Submergible Section.
36. District Towns Infrastructure Development Project-Revised
37. Upazila Towns Infrastructure Development Project
38. Urban Partnership for Poverty Reduction Project (Part-ii)
39. Important Urban Infrastructure Development Project
40. Small Scale Water Resources Development Project in Greater Mymensingh, Sylhet and Faridpur areas.
41. Participatory Small Scale Water Resources Sector Project (3rd Phase)
42. Development of Public Priority Upazila Road Project
43. Development of Upazila Road Project
44. Construction of Bridge on Saltia Bazar-Haziganj Bazar-Dewanganj Bazar road over the old Brahmaputra River Project
45. Important 19 (Ninteen) Pourashava Infrastructure Development Project
46. Construction of newly created & river eroded Upazila Complex.
47. Union Road and other infrastructure development (greater Jessore & Kushtia District) Project
48. Important Rural Infrastructure Development Project on Priority Basis.
49. Construction of Two Bridges on the river Brahmatutra under Islampur upazila of Jamalpur district.
50. Improvement of Chapai Nawabganj - Naogaon-via Battali GC-Gabtali GC Road.
51. Rural Infrastructure Rehabilitation damaged by AILA Cyclone
52. Rural Infrastructure Development Project: Greater Dhaka, Tangail and Kishoreganj District
53. Greater Jessore District Infrastructure Development Project
54. Sustainable Rural Infrastructure Improvement Project (SRIIP)
55. Upazila Complex Expansion Project
56. Technical Asistance Project for Feasibility Study and Preparing Plan for Construction of connecting roads from Bhola Bus stand to Laharhat
57. Expasion and development of Barguna-Betagi-Niamoty-Bakerganj and Amtoli-Taltoli-Sonatoli roads
58. Development of Bhangura-Nowgaon GCM road of Bhangura Upazila, Pabna
59. Sylhet Division Rural Infrastructure Development Project
60. Greater Kushtia District Infrastructure Project (Kushtia, Chuadanga & Meherpur)
61. Important Rural Infrastructure Development Project on Priority Basis.
62. Enhancing Resillence to Disaster and the Effects of Climate Change Project
63. Construction of Missing Loof of Khilgaon Flyover (At the end of Saidabad).
64. Construction of Flyover Bridge in Dhaka City (Mogbazar-Mouchak (Integrated) Flyover).
65. Shama Shundery Canal Development in Rangpur Project
66. Rehabilitation of Narashundha river and Development of Kishoreganj Paurashava area
67. Extension of Physical facilities of Engineering and Survey Institutes of Rajshahi
68. Technical Assistance for Extended Municipal Capacity Building Program and Preparation of Minicipal Services Project-II
69. Capacity Development Technical Assistance for Strengthening the Resillence of the Urban Water, Drainage and Sanitation Sector to Climate Change in Coastal Towns Ptoject